Shirt guide

Types of shirts

The shirt is undoubtedly the essential piece of the male wardrobe.

Impeccably cut, at IZAC it seduces by its versatility. At times sober and refined, it can also go wild and be adorned with prints as modern as they are trendy.

If men's shirts can be adapted to all styles and occasions, it's because they are so versatile.
Indeed, there is not one, but several types of shirts; discover them now.

What type of shirt to choose for a formal look?

For a classic chic look, choose a simple and elegant shirt. A slim fit will sublimate without constricting your stature.
The timelessness of Italian or French collars will also work well.
As far as cuffs are concerned, the adjustable cuff is a safe bet.
For even more distinction, opt for a model with musketeer cuffs or transformable cuffs. You can also decorate them with metal cufflinks.
As for the material, opt for cotton poplin, a durable choice.

From a color point of view, a great occasion means a plain print. If white remains unchallenged, soft and soothing colors like sky bluepearl gray or the pink are an interesting option. With a tuxedoor a 2 or 3 piece suit, it fits perfectly. These types of shirts, almost ceremonial, generally have a length under the belt of about 15 centimeters. This specificity allows them to remain well in place in the pants. What to keep an impeccable look in all circumstances. As for the tie or the bow tieThese accessories are quite de rigueur.

Modern and urban looks: which type of shirt to choose?

Whether your style is rock, urban, minimalist or sharp, the shirt has its place in your closet.
In a casual context, the types of shirts to choose will not be the same as in a stuffy environment. In terms of cut, there are several possibilities: the slim fit or the regular fit, a little straighter.
If the cotton poplin is an interesting choice of material, other possibilities are available to you. You can't stay indifferent to cotton flannel, velvet or the "anti-crease" technology of Easy Iron shirts.

When it comes to colors and prints, there's something for everyone. Looking for originality? Then dare the green, the checks the striped look or the floral print! With these types of shirts, and the circumstances in which you wear them, there's no need to overload them with accessories: your IZAC must-have is self-sufficient. Wear it unbuttoned at the collar, rolled up at the sleeves or open over your pants. Let your personality shine through! It will go equally well with a t-shirt, a knitted sweater, jeans, jogging pants or a chino pants without forgetting moccasins or sneakers.

At IZAC, we know how important it is to maintain the elegance and refinement of our shirts, and that starts with impeccable folding. Follow our tips and tricks for a result worthy of a department store window.

Which shirt cut to choose?

Choose between our regular and slim fit.
The classic cut par excellence is the straight cut which will bring you ease and comfort.
The slim fit is a slim fit, tightened at the bust to enhance your figure.