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This section is dedicated to our privacy protection policy. It allows you to learn more about the origin and use of the navigation information processed during your consultation of our website and about your rights. This policy is therefore important for you, who wish to have a positive and confident experience of our services and for us, who wish to answer accurately and completely your questions about your consultation of our site and take into account your wishes. When consulting our site, information relating to the navigation of your computer equipment on our site, may be recorded by programs, in particular in files called "cookies" installed on your computer equipment, subject, of course, to the choices that you have expressed and that you can modify at any time.

On the occasion of the consultation of a website, a website editor, such as IZAC, can be brought, subject to your choices, to be deposited on your computer equipment, thanks to your navigation software, a text file . This text file is a cookie. It will allow IZAC, during the period of validity or recording of the cookie, to identify your computer equipment during your next visits. Partners or providers of IZAC, or third -party companies can also be brought, subject to your choices, to deposit cookies on your computer equipment.
There are different types of cookies:
• Session cookies that are temporary and disappear as soon as you leave the site. They are therefore all deleted when the user closes the browser.
• Permanent cookies that remain on your computer equipment until the expiration of the defined duration or until you delete them using the features of your browser. They are activated each time you consult the website that has deposited the cookie concerned.

What are the cookies emitted on the IZAC site for?

Some cookies are essential to navigate our site and use its features. Only the transmitter of a cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained in this cookie. You will find below the information relating to cookies likely to be deposited on your computer equipment when you visit pages of the IZAC site, as well as the means allowing you to delete/refuse the registration of these cookies on your computer equipment.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies used on our website are classified as follows.

Technical cookies
These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the site. They allow you to identify you to help you fill the forms or certain fields. These cookies also allow us to bring you more comfort or safety in navigation or take into account some of your choices such as language for example. These cookies cannot be deactivated at the risk of no longer being able to access the site or certain services of the site.
Audience measurement cookies
These cookies allow us to measure the audience of the different content and sections of our site in order to assess them. These cookies also allow, if necessary, to detect navigation problems and therefore improve the ergonomics of our services. These cookies only produce anonymous statistics and attendance volumes.
Advertising cookies
These cookies are used to offer you advertisements and promotional information adapted to your interests or preferences. They are used in particular to limit the number of consultation of an advertising and measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. These cookies are mainly deposited by third -party companies.
Social networks cookies
These cookies allow the sharing of content from our site with other people. This is particularly the case with "sharing" or "like" Facebook buttons, or "Twitter" buttons, etc. If you are connected to your account on your IT equipment, the social network concerned is likely to identify you thanks to its buttons and its own cookies, even if you have not used them during your journey on our site. We do not master the processes employed by social networks to collect this information. We invite you to consult their privacy protection policies on their sites.

Owner cookies : How do we use cookies?

Owner cookies are those deposited by the website you visit. These are cookies deposited by, when you access the website. The cookies emitted by IZAC are classified by categories.

Third -party cookies: How do we use cookies?

Third -party cookies are cookies deposited by an external site other than our website to which you access. These are cookies deposited on your IT equipment by providers or third -party companies during your career on our website. These are cookies placed by a server in an area differ from the one that is visited. If you want to get more information on these cookies and know how to refuse or delete cookies, please consult their individual privacy policies using the links indicated. Cookies issued by third parties are classified by categories and are used for the purposes described below:
has. Sharing cookies (social networks)
Facebook content sharing cookies:
Twitter content sharing cookies:
Pinterest content sharing cookies:

b. Similar technologies
Service Provider: SAYCYCLE
Description: Navigation data used to measure the frequentation of the website in order to know the products and services that interest you and to collect personal data, in particular your name, your email address, your telephone number and the single identifier of your terminal. This information allows us to support you at each stage of the purchasing process by contacting you occasionally (by e-mail or SMS), or to offer you online advertisements adapted to your interests. To find out more about how Sacycle uses navigation data on our behalf, see the SALECYCLE privacy policy.
The link to the Privacy Policy:

My choice to want cookies (or not!)
How do we use cookies?

The recording of a cookie in your computer equipment is subject to your will. Thanks to the settings described below, you can, at any time, simply and free of charge, choose to accept or oppose the recording of cookies on your computer equipment by configuring the cookies deposited and read by configuring your navigation software .
Cookie agreement
If your navigation software is configured so as to accept the recording of cookies in your computer equipment, the cookies integrated in the pages and content that you have consulted will be systematically recorded in your IT equipment.

The refusal of cookies
You can configure your navigation software in order to:
• The acceptance or refusal of cookies is offered to you punctually, before a cookie is likely to be recorded. • Systematically refuse the recording of cookies in your computer equipment. Please note: any configuration that you can undertake on your navigation software concerning the acceptance or refusal of cookies will be likely to modify your navigation on the Internet and your conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of these same cookies. For example, by refusing certain so -called "technical" cookies you may no longer be able to navigate properly on our site. If you choose to refuse the recording of cookies in your computer equipment or if you delete those registered there, we decline any responsibility for the consequences linked to the degraded functioning of our services resulting from the impossibility for us to record or Consult the cookies necessary for their operation and that you would have refused or deleted.

How to exercise your choices, depending on the browser you use?

The configuration of each navigation software is different. It is generally described in the help menu for your navigation software.
We therefore invite you to read it.
You will be able to know how to modify your wishes in terms of cookies.
• Safari
• Chrome
• Firefox
• Opera
• Internet Explorer
"Flash" cookies of "Adobe Flash Player":
Adobe Flash Player is a computer application that allows rapid development of dynamic content using "flash" computer language. Flash (and the same type applications) memorizes the parameters, preferences and the use of these contents thanks to technology similar to cookies. However, "Adobe Flash Player" manages this information and your choices via a different interface from that provided by your navigation software. Insofar as your IT equipment is likely to visualize content developed with Flash language, we invite you to access your Flash cookie management tools, directly from the publisher's website: http: //www.adobe. com/fr. Do not track. You can also configure your browser so that it sends a code indicating to websites that you do not want to be followed. ("Do No Track" option).
• For Internet Explorer
• For safari
• For chrome
• For Firefox
• For Opera