The IZAC story


The Izac house was born in 2003, in the heart of a showroom in the famous Marais district, in Paris. If the City Light has seen many fashion brands born and then disappear within it, the story of IZAC is the story of a French success.
A ready-to-wear brand that revisits the men's wardrobe with elegance, IZAC has established itself over the years as a well-known and recognised house in the world of high-end fashion.

Elegance, demand and know-how are the strong values ​​around which the Rhoum family has chosen to build the identity of the brand.
For this reason, the house only works with quality fabrics, mainly Italian, and formerly reserved for the big names of luxury. And if the brand specializes in suits at its beginnings, IZAC offers now a complete male wardrobe, made up of sophisticated and bold pieces.

Each new season, the label never stops reinventing itself: IZAC plays with the traditional codes of French elegance while adding a touch of modernity.

Since 2003, the Rhoum family has created timeless and elegant collections, which make the brand shine far beyond the French capital.


While the first IZAC collection was launched in 2003, it was only a few years later that the brand opened its very first shop. IZAC settled in Rue Auber in Paris, in September 2007. This first shop was the start of the success story.

Two new locations were soon opened: one in the historic city of Lyon, the other on Rue de Rennes in Paris, in May 2008.
In 2018, the brand celebrated fifteen years of expertise and excellence in mid to high-end fashion by launching a new visual concept for its points of sale.

Although IZAC has now a hundred or so shops throughout France, the brand's success does not stop at the French borders.
The year 2019 marks a turning point in the history of the Parisian house, with the export of the label abroad. Nearly fifteen years after its debut in the Marais, IZAC is celebrating the opening of a boutique in the highly prized Cloche d'Or shopping centre in Luxembourg.

From a family brand to a house recognised by fashion professionals, the success story of the small French brand does not seem to be ending anytime soon. 


Although it may seem surprising at first, the world of high-end fashion shares many values with the world of sport. Challenges, success, collective commitment and team spirit are some of the values that IZAC stands for.
So naturally, the company decided to put its know-how and elegance at the service of French sport.

In 2012, IZAC signed its first sports partnership with AS Saint-Étienne and became the official dresser of the legendary club.
After this first positive collaboration, the ready-to-wear brand repeated the experience with other prestigious football and handball clubs: FC Nantes, Olympique de Marseille, MHB and Olympique Lyonnais were able to dress their players with elegance, both on and off the fileld.

Season after season, IZAC mixes elegance and modernity in its wardrobe to reveal the best of French sportsmen.