Reversible man belts

The belt is one of the essentials of the male wardrobe. For an impeccable look, it is important that it is perfectly associated with the style of your pants. In order to always be impeccable without cluttering your dressing room, choose a reversible man belt. IZAC offers a collection of trendy models for contrasting colors.

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Men's reversible belt

Leader in the sale of clothing, shoes and fashion items for men, IZAC completes its offer ofaccessories by a selection of belts varied colors and quality finishes, including a range of reversible belts.
In addition to its practical appearance which allows it to maintain comfortably pants, jeans And Bermudas, the reversible man with a loop or plate man multiplies the possibilities of looks and styles with its two faces with contrasting colors. For a complete male locker room, also opt for a leather belt man. Find all the news in terms of men's accessories on our online store and in stores.

How to make your choice among reversible belts for men?

The reversible man belt displays two separate colors, one on each side. In order to have a basic, you can bet serenely on the black and brown duo. These two timeless shades will be easily associated with most of your looks. Choose the width of the strap according to your morphology and your dress style:

30 mm for a formal outfit or a small person;

35 to 38 mm for a chic casual outfit.

To refine your choice, select the loop that best suits your dress style and your personality. IZAC offers you a beautiful variety of models with impeccable finishes and made in quality materials.

How to wear the reversible belt for men?

The primary vocation of the belt is to maintain the pants, jeans or Bermuda. It is also the accessory that brings the final touch to your outfit and which helps structure the silhouette. The reversible man belt has the advantage of combining two colors. Just make your choice according to your day's look. The brown perfectly accompanies gray, as well as a chic or casual urban look. Black is the most appropriate choice for your most formal outfits. Because every detail counts, do not forget to pay attention to the choice of materials. The ideal is to have at least two reversible belts: one for the spring/summer season, the other for the fall/winter season.