Men's black suits

Existing today in many colors, the costume is an timeless piece. Nevertheless, if there should only be one great classic to perfect the male wardrobe, it would undeniably be the black costume for men. What if you take advantage of all Izac's know-how to offer you yours in perfect finishes, while having a suit sewn in the best fabrics?

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Men's black suit

A suit or dinner jacket is a very chic item of clothing, which can be worn for business as well as for a special event or any type of ceremony. A symbol of charisma and elegance, it is unrivalled in enhancing the wearer's allure and awakening the gentleman in you. Find in this collection the perfect suit fit with suit trousers, a suit jacket and formal shirts with regular fit or tailored fit.

Why is the black costume for men a must?

But why necessarily orient yourself towards a black suit for men when there are so many other choices of colors? Simply because black is perfectly dating with everything! It is worn in any season, for any occasion and whatever your age. With him, it is impossible to commit a misstep or a fault of taste.

Also note that the black suit or black tuxedo for men is very easy to associate. Whether you want to wear it with a shirt, a polo shirt or a sweater, this is no problem and you will be without question very elegant. What is more, whether you choose a plain or printed shirt, the black suit is perfectly suited. Finally, black is absorbed to absolutely all the other shades. Combined with a white shirt, it is a great classic. Associated with a more colorful shirt, it gives it a touch of pep’s and additional audacity.

IZAC quality for your black suit for men

Note all the same that, so that your outfit is elegant and your style is impeccable, it is better to turn to a quality costume. So this is precisely where our know-how comes in. IZAC makes it a point of honor to select high quality fabrics, mainly of Italian origin. Our fabrics, formerly reserved for the biggest names in luxury, serve us to make perfectly cut costumes, ideally designed to enhance your morphology. With us, every detail is important, from cutting to the buttons of your black costume for men, passing through its stitching. Our costumes are the result of permanent attention and longtime know-how. They are the guarantee of a certain elegance.

Which fabric to choose for your black suit?

Unlike blue or gray, the black suit for men does not exist in more or less clear shades. On the other hand, different finishes can be provided to your costume, in particular depending on the selected fabric. Choose, opt for a more traditional wire wool costume, or prefer a stretch fabric, unsightly and displaying high UV resistance. More innovative, this black suit for men lets the body breathe and does not take care of the heat linked to the sun's rays. Containing polyester, viscose and elasthane, it remains perfectly in place, does not crush and leaves you greater freedom of movement.

Select the right cut for your black suit for men

Obviously, to perfect your natural elegance, your black suit for men will have to be perfectly adjusted to your morphology. In this case, it should be close enough to the body while leaving you a certain ease. You have to choose a fit suit and not skinny fit suits or slim fit suits, if you want to be sure you can choose a tailored fit suit.

The jacket of your black men's costume will have to stop at your handles, while slightly passing your shirt, in order to suggest your cufflinks. At the upper body level, the seams of your jacket will have to fall perfectly on your shoulders. At the back, the bottom of your black suit for men's costume jacket should not fall lower than your buttocks. Note that we also have two or three buttons jackets, crossed or straight, with a classic collar or a shawl collar.

In terms of pants, the black costumes for men Izac exist in slim or regular cuts. The length of the leg, on the other hand, must be adapted to each man. The hem of the pants must thus come to break at the level of the shoe, to give a more elegant impression.

To perfect your outfit, we add to that a whole bunch of elements and accessories, such as many shirts in fabrics, cuts and various colors, cuff buttons, belts, vests or shoes.

How to wear your black men's costume?

Men's black suit is a great classic that has the advantage of getting in different ways. For a formal effect, without doing too much, it associates with a united, white or colorful shirt. You can find perfect dress shirts with double cuff shirts for exemple in our collections. You are also free to add a tie (black tie for example) or a bow tie for a more elegant rendering.

If this is a great opportunity, three-room suit or tuxedo can also be essential. This is why we offer a wide choice of vests. This can be chosen black also or with a print. Besides, the different elements of a costume are no longer necessarily matching. It is quite possible to mismatched a suit and pants jacket. As such, the black costume jacket for men is associated very well with jeans, for a more relaxed and casual effect.

Finally, for shoes, the costume pants are worn just as much with derby or Richelieu -type city shoes as with a pair of sneakers for a less formal look.