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Compliant with our qualitative requirements, our men's gloves are all equipped with impeccable finishes and are made in quality leather.

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Man gloves

Why favor leather gloves?

Man gloves exist in several subjects. However, we strongly advise you to favor leather gloves, which more effectively protect the hands of the cold. Be aware that there are also several types of leather. Boast leather displays a more rustic style with a more marked skin texture. Lamb or goat leather, meanwhile, is finer and more flexible.

Likewise, leather men's gloves are ideal for perfecting an urban style. They are most beautiful with a suit or raw jeans married to a man's coat.

At IZAC, we only select quality fabrics, offering fine details and deep finesse to the touch. Resistant, our leather gloves for men do not shout and display tight sewing points, a detail that makes all the difference.

Which color to choose for your men's gloves?

To choose your men's gloves, it is recommended to orient yourself towards neutral tones. The leather or suede effect is very trendy. So that they agree with all of your outfits, turn to fairly neutral colors, such as gray, black or navy blue. Likewise, it can also be very elegant to choose a leather matched to that of your shoes.

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