Men's denim Shirts

Unbeatable piece of male dressing room to create different styles, the denim shirt accompanies you in every moment of your life as a man. With short or long sleeves, straight or more flared cuts, blue, black, washed out or other, you will find your happiness among our jene jene shirts.

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Men's denim shirts 2 products

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Men's denim shirt

How to choose your denim shirt for men?

The cup

Depending on your build, do not hesitate to take a slim shirt. To be sure not to be mistaken, the straight cut is a safe bet. If you choose a curved shirt, always check that you are free from any movement to feel comfortable by wearing it. If this is not the case, it is recommended to choose a size above your usual size. You can also choose a slim fit long sleeve shirt if you like it. The long sleeve denim shirt is easier to wear than a short sleeve denim shirt.


For winter, opt for a thicker denim fabric. On the contrary, in summer, prefer a finer fabric for more lightness and opt for short sleeves. If you want to wear it all year round, then take a long -sleeved shirt that are rolled up if necessary.

The colour

There are incalculable number of shades for denim shirts for men. Classic blue remains the most popular color of the male gent. You can also choose between "One Wash" shirts, that is to say of a more intense color, worn effect or even indigo in shades of blue for more originality. In addition, black denim becomes trendy and is easily combined with all your outfits.

With what to wear a denim shirt for men?
For a casual outfit, wood a denim shirt for men to replace the printed shirt or with flowers. It thus gives a more urban style than the flax shirt. You can leave it open on a printed or patterned t-shirt to assert your tastes and authenticity. In summer, accompany your denim shirt with a Bermuda for your outings in town or your evenings with friends. Likewise, the oversized shirts are appreciated by men for greater freedom of movement.

Chic outfit

If you plan to wear your denim shirt during formal events, take a well -adjusted shirt to your figure to enhance your bust. In summer, wear your closed denim shirt with a Jeans or pants chino And a pair of leather sneakers or derbies for elegant outfit.