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Izac has developed a collection of men's bracelets. Easy to wear, it is the essential accessory to assert your personality and bring the final touch to your look. Casual or more chic model: make your choice from pieces with a trendy and refined design, suitable for all occasions.

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Men's bracelet

Unmissable actor in male ready-to-wear, Izac completes its offer ofaccessories by a selection of men's bracelets. Accessorize your looks more with a tie, a bow tie, a men's hat or a man scarf. Also find our men's leather goods offer to perfect your outdoor looks.

How to choose a men's bracelet?

At Izac, the men's bracelet is available in a beautiful variety of styles. If you are looking for an easy to wear model on a daily basis, let yourself be seduced by a leather model. Sober and trendy at the same time, this type of men's bracelet is also easily worn with a relaxed outfit as with a more formal look. If you like to adapt your accessories according to your look of the day, make your choice according to your favorite outfits. Natural pearls are ideal for relaxed outfit. The ornamental pearls bring a rock, ethnic or resolutely urban note to a bracelet: a detail that is enough to give character to your outfit.

How to wear a men's bracelet?

There is only one rule to wear the men's bracelet: bet on quality. To design your men's jewelry, IZAC selects leather, pearls and clasp with rigor. Our bracelets are distinguished as much by the quality of the finishes as by their resolutely trendy design.

What wrist to wear the men's bracelet?

The men's bracelet turns out to be easy to wear, because it is not governed by any rule. You can indifferently wear your bracelet on the left wrist or straight wrist. For purely practical reasons, it is however recommended to wear a men's bracelet on the opposite side to your dominant hand:

On the left if you are right -handed;

Right if you are left -handed.

How to wear the watch and a men's bracelet?

It is recommended to avoid wearing the watch and a men's bracelet with the same wrist to avoid damaging them both. Traditionally, the watch is worn in the left hand. Whether or not you have this convention, preferably argo your IZAC bracelet with the opposite wrist.

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